Name of Church

The official name is the Church of God in Canada. The Church of God in Canada is a registered non-profit charity with Revenue Canada.


The Church of God in Canada is affiliated with the Church of God International Offices, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA, and is subject to the policies and procedures outlined in the Church of God General Assembly Minutes.



The executive officer of the Church of God in Canada shall be the International Executive Committee liaison to Canada or his Designee. (6th A., 2009)

Governing Bodies

General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee, USA) is that organized body with full power and authority to designate the teaching, government, principles, and practices of all the local churches composing said Assembly.

National Assembly

The Canadian National Assembly shall consist of all members and ministers of the Church of God in Canada 16 years of age and above. Members and ministers present and registered at the National Assembly shall comprise its voting constituency. The National Assembly shall meet biennially (off Assembly years) at a time and place determined by the National Executive Council.

National Council

The National Council shall consist of:

(a) All credentialed ministers who reside in Canada and who report consistently to one of the Regional Offices, and who are registered attendants at the National Assembly, and

(b) One registered lay delegate attending the National Assembly who has been elected by and from each local church in Canada. To qualify, the delegate (male or female) must meet the same qualifications (except gender) as set down by the General Assembly for a member of the Church and Pastor’s Council.

The non-delegate laity shall be privileged to sit in the Canadian National Council sessions without voting privileges.

National Executive Council

The Canadian National Executive Council shall be comprised of the International Executive Committee liaison or his designee, who shall serve as chairman, and 6 members (2 from each region) elected by their respective regions and the regional overseers. The elected members shall serve for two years and may succeed themselves twice. (6th A., 2009)


Amendment of Bylaws


The power to alter, amend, or repeal these bylaws shall be vested in the National Assembly and exercised only by a two-thirds vote of the National Assembly.

Previous Notice

In order to amend, alter or repeal these bylaws, previous notice will be considered fulfilled if the following guidelines to notify the constituency are observed:

1) Mail to ministers and elected lay delegates whose addresses are on record at the Canadian National Offices, the notice and copies of the proposed change(s) to the bylaws of the Church of God in Canada not later than 90 days prior to the opening of the Canadian National Assembly. Pastors should make this notice available by public announcement and/or posting to their congregation.

2) The proposed change(s) may be amended, but cannot be amended beyond the scope of the notice. Any change of the bylaws approved by the Canadian National Assembly will go into effect immediately upon its adoption, unless the motion to adopt specifies another time for its becoming effective.