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Pastor Jeff Banguis

Pastor Jeff has been with Church of God since his teen years and started his ministry in South East Asia. Serving as a musical director, he was eventually trained to become an assistant pastor for two years, then eventually as senior pastor of Church of God of in Hong Kong. It was there he earned the rank of exhorter and then licensed / ordained minister with the denomination. After ten years of serving in the city, Pj (Pastor Jeff) was eventually called to serve in Breakthrough Church of God, a small church of 60 that has grown to close to 200 now here in Vancouver, Canada.

He is presently serving as Senior Pastor of this church and also the District Overseer of British Columbia Church of God. He considers it a privilege to be able to plant a growing church in Edmonton, Alberta. His burning passion and vision is to reach the lost and plant churches. He finished his Bachelor's degree in Jazz in North Vancouver and looking forward to working on his Master's degree in Divinity with Trinity Bible College Seminary in Indiana.

'The love of Christ compels me'