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Keith L. Ivester

Debbie and Bishop IvesterKeith L. Ivester will be assuming the position of the 20/20 Director of Canada as of the 2018 General Assembly.

He was appointed to Florida as Administrative Bishop at the Church of God General Assembly in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Previously, he has served as Administrative Bishop of Kentucky, Indiana, and Hawaii. Bishop Ivester is married to the former Debbie Elliott, and they are the parents of two children, Ryan and Carrie.

The Ivesters have served the church as Associate Pastor, Pastor, Associate Professor at East Coast Bible College, State Youth and CE Director, State Evangelism Director, and most recently Administrative Bishop. He has served on various boards and committees and is presently serving as Chairman for the Communications/Media Board. He serves on the Executive Council, Cleveland, TN, along with serving on the SEMISUD Seminary Board, Quito, Ecuador. He also had served on the Patton University Board.

At the 2018 General Assembly, Keith L. Ivester was appointed to the Council of Eighteen.

Bishop Ivester is a graduate of Lee University with a BA Degree. He has done post graduate work at Winthrop College, Liberty University, Church of God Theological Seminary and Andersonville Theological Seminary. He presently holds a Masters and Doctorate Degree in pastoral counseling. His vision and goal for the churches in Florida has been: “to win souls and make disciples and to turn every believer into a leader.